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Annual Club Subscriptions 2022

14 Mar 2022

Senior members: it is that time of year when your annual subscription is due. The the amount is set by The Heatons Sport Club and applies to all four sections.

Playing member is £156

Full Time Education is £80

The vast majority of our members pay by Standing Order which equates to £13 per month for the 12 month period your subscription covers. 

To any member not signing up to Standing Order who wish to pay cash in full. This payment method still needs to be completed by 1st April. 

Anyone wishing to pay cash in full it will need to be dropped off at my address, 7 Heyscroft Road, SK4 3JY. 

The 1st April does not apply to new members, although your annual payment is required before 18th April (first selection). 

The Standing Order and Registration forms are on the club website. 
Any member who has any issues with the above please contact me direct or the HSC membership sec, Sareth.humpage@sky.com

Senior membership registration relates to all players aged 18 or over. Anyone who is playing senior cricket and is 17 and under please can you register through @Graham Issacs 

Thanks in advance 
Tim Humpage

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Annual Club Subscriptions 2022