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Fantasy Cricket 2022!

2 Apr 2022

Fantasy Cricket returns for the 2022 season!

We will be playing fantasy cricket this year where you pick your team with players from the club and their individual weekly performances earns you a subjective amount of points. The goal? To pick the team with the most points at the end of the season. Fantasy cricket is a heathy way to boost competition in the club and is generally a good laugh. This year the cost for fantasy cricket it £20, and the winners will receive: 

1st place: £100

2nd place: £40

3rd place: £20

Get on play cricket and get picking your teams! You have till the first game week to submit your teams.

Any new players joining the club for the 2022 season will be added to the fantasy data base once membership has been paid. 

Base values for players were automatically generated from various tools and factors on the play cricket website, however values change every week based off performance. If you’re not happy with your value don’t worry, simply have a good game week and it will change accordingly!

 Let’s just keep in mind this is a fun way to raise money for the club and something to enjoy throughout the season!

Click here to get your team started!

Fantasy Cricket 2022!