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Newsletter - Update on Registration for Cricket and Beyond

13 Mar 2023

2023 FEES

I am writing to inform you about the significant changes that are taking place at the Heaton’s Sports Club. These changes will directly impact on how we all register to play any sport at the club and will impact not only Cricket, but Rugby, Lacrosse, and Tennis too.  The club are hoping to create a more unified membership system across the club that helps to encourage its members to try more than one sport and offering incentives for you to do so. The club is also keen to make improvements to the facilities available and to invest in bigger and brighter initiatives in the future.




All membership's for all sections are now going to be controlled centrally by the club itself and not by the individual sport for all children in U9's (Y4) groups and above. 
Only one membership fee will be payable to the club annually, with a levy payable for each section that you wish to join (Cricket, Rugby, Lacrosse & Tennis).

You will therefore need to buy your membership directly through the Heaton’s Sports Club on their new online portal (details of this are still to be released). 

We do understand that this year it will be more difficult for you to sign up. The club wish to take the membership in house (for many good reasons) and we therefore ask that you bear with us this year.  Those of you enjoying more than one sport at the club will see a significant financial benefit to membership.

The cricket section remains committed to ensuring that the children’s safety and enjoyment is paramount and that the numbers are right for each age group, whilst still allowing us to grow as a community club.



Juniors U9’s – U18’s

For Juniors from our U9s (Y4) to our U18s groups; if you are not registered to play any other sports at the Heaton’s Sports Club, when you register to play cricket, you will be asked to pay £90 in total with £70 being your annual membership to the Heaton’s Sports Club itself, £10 going into a sinking fund for club restorations and just £10 going to cricket itself (with this in mind we will not be providing tops this year).

If you wish to join any further sports at the club after this, only the individual sports levy is applicable. For those children who registered for Lacrosse or Rugby during Sept/Oct 2022 you will have already paid your annual membership fee to the club when you registered for these sports and just £20 will be required to secure your child’s Spring/Summer Cricket place, which I am sure you can agree is a significant saving on prior years!

To ensure that we stick within the strict numbers allocated for each session, you will need to register via the current cricket membership system Coacha first. When you log on as normal to book your place you will not be asked to pay via Coacha, merely just to register. Once you have received confirmation that you have a place on the course you will be asked to register via the Heaton’s Sports Clubs new system including making your payment.  Please do not try to book through the Heaton’s Sports Club system, until your place is confirmed. If you do your booking may be cancelled and your payment refunded.

We understand that the system will be going live in mid-March and as soon as we get details of the release date and links we will pass these on.



Under 8s and Younger

Bookings and payments for children in this age group - U5’s (YR), U6’s (Y1), U7’s (Y2) and U8’s (Y3) -  will be made as usual through Coacha, on a first come first serve basis.

The bookings for these sessions will go live shortly, with the exact date to be announced via the newsletter.

Please ensure that if you are not already signed up to Coacha that you email hmcc.juniors@gmail.com well in advance of the bookings being released.  Being registered on Coacha however does not guarantee you a place on the course.

Times of sessions will follow soon as will the price. We will communicate more information as we get it.

The key at this stage is to be ready to purchase on Coacha.

If you would like to assist our coaches during the sessions, then you will be given a priority window for booking, however you must be committed to supporting at more than half of the sessions or we will be unable to secure your booking. We have had people offering to help in the past, who then fail to turn up after the first session. Please consider this before you volunteer, as the safety and enjoyment of our young cricketers has to be the key priority in everything we do.




Students will pay £100 via the club membership. The cricket section will get nothing, nor will we be taking any money for match fees. All we ask for this generosity is that you continue to support the club and the cricket section.
Senior Women

Senior women will pay £50 to the Heaton’s Sports Club and a levy to Cheadle as we remain a joint team across the two clubs.
Again, the cricket section gets nothing from the monies paid. Match fees for the women will apply.



Senior Men

Senior men will pay the club £180 on a direct debit scheme. All current standing orders should be stopped (with your last payment in March) by you directly as this is unlikely to take place automatically and we do not want anyone to be out of pocket. In addition to the £180 above there will also be a £10 charge to go into the sinking fund for restorations.

The £180 can be taken over the 12 months by direct debit. (or paid up front)

In addition, the cricket section is taking a £60 levy.

This means the the men's total is £250 which is £180 membership - £10 sinking fund and £60 to cricket.

The cricket section will therefore receive £60 per senior signed up, although we have taken the decision to not charge match fees to alleviate some of the additional costs.


Apologies for throwing so much information at you in one go! We are conscious that there are big changes afoot and we really want you to be as prepared as possible.

Newsletter - Update on Registration for Cricket and Beyond