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Team Selection Policy - Seniors

2 Apr 2021

* Selection will be on Tuesday evening after training at 8:15pm

* Present will be the Captains, Head coach, Junior head coach and the cricket Chairman

* Players need to state their availability before selection via the form available on the website 

* Players need to be fully paid members before selection 

* Players need to have paid their previous weekend match fees before selection

* All teams to be selected and discussed at the meeting and not on WhatsApp groups

* First team selected first, then seconds, then thirds and then fourth team

* Captains must speak to any players they leave out from the week before to explain the decision 

* Captains must speak to any player dropped prior to the teams being published 

* No player will drop 2 teams unless in exceptional circumstances    

* No player will be promoted 2 teams unless in exceptional circumstances 

* Players ideally attend at least one of the training nights during the week

* We will consider all individual situations & encourage advance knowledge of training unavailability


Tim Humpage

Team Selection Policy - Seniors