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U10s & U11s 2023 season recaps & look ahead to the season

22 Apr 2024

This season, there is going to be more crossover between the U10s and U11s teams, so this is a joint page considering their achievements last season before focusing on what is in store for 2024.


U10s: 2023 season recap

The regular season summary for the U10s in 2023 (as U9s) can be found here.  However, in the close season, there was still time for a tournament and the end-of-season presentations, both being held on the same day.

The U9s tournament, held at Green Lane, comprised 7 teams – three from Heaton Mersey (including an U8s team), two from Macclesfield, one from Ramsbottom and a team brought by Danny.

The team that I looked after, Mersey Phoenix, had a complete schooling in the first game, as we were thrashed by 66 runs by Macclesfield Lions (it was only a 6-overs-a-side game).  We were playing on the outfield so the pitch was not great, and we had an U8 player to make up the numbers, but there was a gulf in class.  We got comfortably beaten by the other Macclesfield team next (the Blues) – this time by 13 runs.

Next came the Heaton Mersey U9s match-up that we were all waiting for (and gave us chance for a breather, as the Phoenix had three 40-minute games back-to-back to start).  It was a close game which could have gone either way but Phoenix beat Magic by 8 runs.

As the day went on, we were starting to add to our team, as those who had other sporting engagements in the morning were able to turn up.  That did strengthen our team and it showed as we beat Ramsbottom relatively comfortably, by 26 runs.

Two wins out of four were enough to get us into the semi-finals (teams played either four or five games), facing Macclesfield Blues.  Mersey Magic also did well, winning two out of five matches, and were facing Macclesfield Lions.

Phoenix’s match again the Blues could easily have gone either way, and it really swung in the last over or two as Emmet in particular hit a number of boundaries, getting us over the line and ultimately ahead by 7 runs.  We finished in time to watch the end of the Magic vs Lions match, which was closer than expected given the results earlier in the day, but ultimately they were defeated by 14 runs.

The final was therefore a rematch of the first match we played.  Given both teams had more players than when they started, both sides agreed to increase it to an 8-a-side match.  The complication of having the girls’ then the U8s’ presentations led to a bit of manic umpire rotation on our side, just to add to the chaos.

We bowled first and everyone bowled well, restricting the Lions to a chaseable target.  There were some fast bowlers on the Lions’ team but we negotiated them well and nosed ahead with a few balls left.  It was not without drama, though, as we contrived to get a run out off the last ball, but thankfully we were far enough ahead for that not to cost us.  Against all odds, and expectations at the start of the day, Mersey Phoenix were victorious!

For the presentation, the awards were as follows:

  • Best batter: Isaac
  • Best bowler: Harley
  • Players’ player: Gregory
  • Coaches’ player: Will
  • Best fielder: Alden
  • Most improved: Zane 

For a more detailed write-up of the best batter, best bowler and best fielder awards, see here.


U11s: 2023 season recap

The regular season summary for the U11s in 2023 (as U10s) can be found here.

The U11s also played in the tournament at Green Lane on presentation day and, unfortunately, finished runners-up.

For the presentation, the awards were as follow:

  • Best batter: Harrison
  • Best bowler: Tom S
  • Players’ player: Sam H
  • Coaches’ player: Joseph
  • Best fielder: Isaac G
  • Most improved: Eli


U11s (combined): 2024 season ahead

Heaton Mersey will be entering four teams into the leagues in 2024, combining the U10s and U11s.  There will be two (fully segregated) teams in the High Peak league as well as teams in each of the (tougher) Cheshire and South Manchester leagues.  The High Peak games will be 8-a-side pairs, the Cheshire games will be 10-a-side pairs cricket, whilst the South Manchester league will be standard Twenty20 rules with the dreaded "if you’re out, you’re out” rule (in common with the senior game, of course).  Are you keeping up?  Expectations will be fairly high given the trophies won in 2023, but the opponents will be tough.


The U9s following the presentation:

U10s & U11s 2023 season recaps & look ahead to the season