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U15s - half-term review

8 Jun 2023

It’s half-term (for some anyway – it’s 8th June at the time of writing) and so it’s time for a review of how the U15s have done.


U15s: Cheshire league (U15s Zone 3)

Played 6, won 3, lost 2, opposition conceded 1, position 4th out of 7

Heaton Mersey finished the Cheshire league firmly mid-table, having won half of their games and benefited from an opposition concession.  True to table order, Mersey have lost to 1st and 2nd, whilst securing wins (one way or another) against everyone else.  It was tight at the top and anyone from the top 4 could have won it.  The team put in some great performances, finishing with a win, but Hyde were too strong in the game we played against them and ultimately that secured them top place.

Heaton Mersey now move into a regional Plate division, with the next fixture on 18th June.


U15s: High Peak league (U15s North Division)

Played 6, won 3, lost 1, cancelled 2, position 2nd out of 7

Heaton Mersey played well in the High Peak league, only losing one match whilst winning three.  Ultimately, having two matches cancelled cost them a shot at winning the league, but it was a great performance nevertheless.  There do seem to be some matches yet to be played (or the results yet to be posted) for some of the other teams so the position might not be final.

U15s - half-term review